Print Audit and Consultancy

” Before we make recommendations we like to collect facts around all your printing data, whether internal or external.  This collection of data, together with a consultative approach allows us to suggest changes to your print infrastructure to meet your future needs”

Print Audit

Collecting factual data on your current print setup is key to understanding where improvements may be made.

Using our network software we can automatically collect print data from both copiers and your desktop printers to assess print and copy throughput in your organisation.

Scanning Solutions

Connecting your multifunctional device as a network scanner will transform the way you work.

With additional software you can scan documents and create folders as well as scanning direct to cloud based applications. This will make your documents available whenever you need them from wherever you are.

Accounting Control

In environments where costs are charged to cost centres or paid for by individuals, cost accounting software can automatically calculate the amounts due.

With simple optional integration with e-commerce solutions you can transform your multifunctional printer from a cost centre to a profit centre.

Workflow Solutions

Integrating your multifunctional device into your business workflow creates interesting challenges but great benefits.

Tracking your documents through the processes within your business from quotation and customer data collection through to billing can reduce your administrative lead times and dramatically improve efficiency.